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Mary Hampton, a native of Colorado, has over 30 years experience in accounting. In 1987 she started her own accounting and tax business in Sedona, Arizona. In 1992 she sold that business and returned to her home state, and began working with Sage Mas90/200.

In 1995 Mary decided she wanted to be a Value Added Reseller of Mas90/200.  Now known as Sage 100 Standard and Advanced. In 1998 she and her team moved into offices in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. With a new look, and changes to the office in 2002, the name SASIPROS! was created. In 2004 she moved her office to Conifer, Colorado.

In the 23 years Mary has supported Sage 100 she has consistently achieved the highest ratings for support, based on end user feed back to Sage Software. She led her company to the highest Best Software (now know as Sage Software) sales in 2000. Additionally they were number one in support in the years 2000 and 2001. She also led her company to achieve the coveted "Circle of Excellence Award".

With a Bachelor degree in Accounting, backed by annual certification classes, you will receive expert assistance. You will also benefit from her personal knowledge from being in the trenches. Mary's experience encompasses being on both sides of an implementation; as a controller of a manufacturing company implementing SAGE 100. No longer a reseller, Mary has continued on as a “Certified Consultant”

Her experience of implementing 100's of end users in various industries helps her to know what it takes to implement your system, and also how it works best for you as the end user. Mary's focus has always been on supporting the client, and she plans to continue in the same manner.

With that goal in mind, Mary has put together SASI to help you with technical support, custom report writing, custom programming, accounting and hardware support.